Smithdown Social Sessions Supports Live Music Recordings onto Digital Platform

As part of the new strategy to develop a digital platform for creative arts, Smithdown Social Club are currently recording live music sessions with local artists to create a series of music recordings titled ‘Smithdown Social Sessions’.

Smithdown Social Club will record 21 artists in its first ‘Smithdown Social Sessions’ series and produce seven sessions that will feature three local artists from various musical genres.

Local Liverpool based musicians have been filming their sessions in Smithdown Social Studios on Smithdown Road and these artists include Virginia Haze, Gamma Ray Sam, John Wishart, Neildsy and Reid Anderson.

Paul Tsanos, Technical and Events Director said, ‘This is a great opportunity for us to bring some of Liverpool’s talented musicians to a global audience by creating a digital platform with global reach.

We’re turning the lockdown into a positive by creating a digital space for local artists to share their music through our community platform which could potentially reach a much wider audience than we could normally invite to a live gig in our venue.’

Liverpool is one of the world’s most famous music cities and Smithdown Social Club has been in support of grassroots music in Liverpool since 2018. They will now be able to give local musicians a global reach through their channels and show the world that great music is a staple in the Liverpudlian diet.

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