Smithdown Social Sessions #5 Featuring Neildsy, Joe Kelly and Kayleigh O’Neill & Neil Jones.

Part of our recovery programme which showcases and supports local artists.

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Ste Neildsy

Who’s ere who’s not????
Ste Neildsy is!
Singer/songwriter Ste Neildsy from Liverpool is known for his shunter catchy singalong songs such as Echo Echo which was released with his band ‘Neildsy’ back in 2018 and won best song at the Liverpool musician awards! The style of music would be best described as energetic pop/rock, with a masterpiece album soon to recorded and released in the future with his band and shows yet to be announced all is bright for ‘Neildsy’ it’s about to get emotional!

1 – Systematic
2 – Johnny
3 – Storytellers
4 – Fake Shake
5 – I Could Of Told Ya
6 – Echo Echo

Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly is a singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Liverpool, who has been performing around the U.K. and Europe for the last 10 years. His influences range from rock, jazz and soul, to world folk music. He is currently recording two albums. One as a solo artist and another in an experimental duo.

1 – Shell Of A Man
2 – Coming Home
3 – Down On My Luck
4 – Blood On My Mind

Kayleigh and Neil

Kayleigh and Neil are a professional vocalist/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist of over 15 years from Liverpool. After many years of performing all over the U.K. and Europe, they relocated to Shanghai in 2016 where they performed for large corporate clients and recorded many TV commercials for brands such as Ford, Land Rover, Meizu, Mercedes and Oppo.

The duo returned to the U.K. in December 2019 and are currently showcasing Kayleigh’s original compositions.

1. Across the Borderline
2. Reflections
3. Satellites
4. Blissful

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