Smithdown Social Club to Open Pop-up Art Gallery on Smithdown Road

Smithdown Social Club has developed ‘Gallery 455’ on Smithdown Road as part of a legacy of support for local artists in Liverpool. It is a continuation of the community art concept developed by Paul Tsanos at former Naked Lunch café on Smithdown Road that was popular with both the community and local artists.
Gallery 455 on Smithdown Road will be a physical space, with a window onto Smithdown Road, an area bubbling with creativity, that communicates directly with the local community by bringing creative inspiration to the high street. Local and regional artists will be able to exhibit work in a variety of mediums from painting to film.

Brenda Monahan, managing director commented: “The gallery will provide an opportunity for artists from our diverse community to showcase their work to the public both in the gallery and on our digital platform to give the artists further reach.

In these strange times we live in, art and inspiration are more important than ever and we hope that any artists who feel inspired to share their work will approach us to exhibit.”

Our inaugural show will be an exciting showcase of diverse artists which has been made possible by funding from the Cultural Recovery Fund. All current artists on exhibition can be found on our ‘Art’ pages of our website

Paul Tsanos, creative director, said, “One of the highlights of operating Naked Lunch café was the art exhibitions by various artists over the years. It brought colour and life to the café and gave people another reason to come together and be inspired.
We wanted to recapture this essence with Gallery 455 but be able to extend it into art classes and workshops as well as making it into a launch pad for local musicians and writers to release work to the community.”

Gallery 455 is set to open in June 2021 to the public and is located at 455 Smithdown Road.

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