Smithdown Social Club receives Cultural Recovery Fund to Ensure Survival

The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has awarded Smithdown Social Club the Cultural Recovery Fund which will ensure it can rebuild and recover from the damaging financial effects of Covid-19 restrictions.

Smithdown Social Club applied for the funding with a renewed vision to develop a digitised creative arts platform to bring its cultural events to the community if the community was
prevented from attending in person due to restrictions.

Managing Director, Brenda Monahan, said, ‘The pandemic has brought us considerable
uncertainty in terms of timescales for reopening and we needed to innovate our vision to
move with the times.

By requesting the funding from the Cultural Recovery Fund to develop a digitised platform,
we would be able to reach the community with cultural arts despite continued restrictions.’
Smithdown Social Club plans to develop ‘Live from Smithdown Social’ to support musicians 
through a live-streaming platform as well as create digital content for visual artists who will
be able to use professional quality content to increase their income and potential reach.
Paul, Tsanos, Founding Director, said, ‘We have considerable work to do to develop this
platform, but thanks to this funding we will be able to purchase the equipment we need to
build a foundation of content for creative artists.

The creative industries have been digitised for decades in terms of creating online content.
Yet there has never been a time when the artists didn’t have an audience. It is tragic but we
need to move forward and help artists generate an income online.’

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