Smithdown Social Club Launches Music Minds in Support of Mental Health

Smithdown Social Club, a local Liverpool creative arts venue is launching ‘Music Minds’, a programme for musicians who could benefit from mental health support.

The Music Minds programme will support musicians by providing funding to improve mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, mood swings and performance anxiety and give musicians an outlet for podcasts that discuss mental health in the industry.

Brenda Monahan, Smithdown Social Managing Director, said, ‘In the music community, mental health disorders are all too common, and we have lost some musical legends due to mismanagement of mental health conditions.
‘We want to provide a lifeline for those who need support, end the shame and stigma related to these conditions, and offer education opportunities for musicians to get the support they need within their own community of creative artists.’
Currently Smithdown Social Club are working on two projects to support mental health: a documentary that will focus on performance anxiety or stage fright and a podcast with Dom Bryan who will explore the meaning of music with various local musicians.

The documentary highlighting performance anxiety will see various musicians be interviewed about their experiences with performance anxiety prior to beginning a series of sessions that are aimed at eliminating the traumas that are associated with performance, so the artist can feel free to give their best performance without fear.

The Music Minds programme is funded by Arts Council England and Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

Liverpool based musicians interested in taking part in any Music Minds projects can email, adding the subject Music Minds. This should include an introduction and add a few sentences about how the musician feels it could benefit.

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