Smithdown Social Club Announces Community Poetry Book

Smithdown Social Club has announced it will publish a community poetry book as part of its Arts Council of England funding to support creative arts. A call for submissions went out today to commission local poets to showcase their work in this collection of poetry from the Greenbank Community.

Smithdown Social Club has formerly hosted poetry nights, prior to lockdown restrictions, in partnership with former community café Naked Lunch. These events highlighted the abundance of talented poets in the community.

Smithdown Social Club has been keen to continue its support for poets and writers and this project will produce a free ebook, a free audiobook recorded by the poets, and a printed copy for purchase from Amazon and other local booksellers. Profits from book sales will be re-invested in the Smithdown Social Club literature programme.

Ian Francis, Director of Smithdown Social, said “As a poet I think it is important to give a voice to other poets within the community which will enable them to develop their art form.

Poets are an important part of cultural development throughout history and we are pleased that we are able to support this poetry book through our creative arts platform.”

Participants must either reside or be from the L15, L17 or L18 postcodes, and be 18 years old and above for this project.
Submissions will be requested up to 250 words about an open subject matter or one that describes life on Smithdown Road and the Greenbank Ward, with a deadline of 31 January 2021.

If you would like to participate, please send your submission to: with the subject: Poetry book Jan 21.

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