New Programmes to Support Creatives in the Community

Smithdown Social Club has developed five programmes for creatives in the community as part of the Cultural Recovery Grant received from Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) in October 2020.

With the closure of the venue due to Covid-19 restrictions, Smithdown Social Club have developed programmes that are able to be offered on a digital platform to bring our live venue to community members through digital content. Brenda Monahan, Managing Director said, ‘We have pinpointed five creative focus points where we can develop digital content that will engage the community to stay creative during
restrictions on opening the venue.

These programmes include music, creative writing, art, inclusive culture and seniors and will be rolled out gradually as we develop and adapt our systems and ways of working to implement a digitised structure in the forefront of our operations.’

Smithdown Social Club will be creating digital content throughout January 2021 in each of these programmes and will begin to deliver the content by the end of March 2021. Watch our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for the current news.

If you are a service provider in the community in any of these five areas, please get in touch with Smithdown Social about workshops or services you can provide to help us deliver these programmes at

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