Bridge Over Smithdown

Smithdown Road in Liverpool, UK is an area of cultural diversity bursting with creative artists from all genres. This poetry book brought together a collection of local poets with brilliant poems during a time in our history when creative expression was placed on hold in the name of Covid-19. But we didn’t let it stop us!

Smithdown Social Club, the local creative arts platform, invites you to take a journey with 20 local poets to share their varied poetic expressions, through good times and bad, pleasure and pain, beginning to end.

You may find yourself back on Smithdown Road: in the legendary Defend Vinyl record shop or at the famed Dafna’s Cheesecake Factory or at Craft Tap Room or at the Handyman!

These poems take you swimming, sailing, crying, laughing and strolling down memory lane as you walk ’round the lake bursting with waterfowl at Greenbank Park. By the end, you will feel like you know Smithdown Road at a depth that only a poet could portray.


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