Vincent Kelly

The work I produce is greatly inspired by the History of Art,Travel and Cultural identities. Starting points for this process also take into consideration the aesthetic qualities of Landscape and Figurative traditions in Art and Design.

My work is illustrative in nature and adheres to strong academic drawing practice.
Drawing is at the core of my creative approach encompassing visual research, planning and the realisation of my ideas.

My Digital work combines traditional studio techniques with contemporary media and is supported by digital printing technologies. The potential to explore ideas in this way is greatly enhanced and often provides new challenges and opportunities.

I have a working background spread over a number of disciplines which include; Painting and Drawing (including Digital), Printmaking (Etching, Lino), Digital Photography and Multimedia.

Professional qualifications include B.A (Hons) Fine Art, ATD, HNC (Multimedia), HND (Multimedia).

Exhibition 10.

Exhibition 7.

Exhibition 4.