Suzanne Grace

I am a visual artist based in South Liverpool and I work mostly from my home studio/gallery. Since studying at Liverpool Art College and UCLAN back in 2012 and volunteering at Liver Sketch Club, I have been creating art and more recently started my own art business ( Alongside my art I am also a qualified management conservationist and qualified teacher.

My artworks mostly focus on nature within our environment and human personal interactions which reflect people’s individual experiences. Key artists that have informed my work are Frida Kahlo, Rene Magritte, Anselm Keifer, Lucy McKenzie, and newer artists such as Jessica Slack and Paul Curtis.

Some of my works have featured life drawn models amongst natural environments. Others are pure colour experiences that evoke powerful interactions of the senses. Current themes I am exploring at present include the extinction crisis, rewilding, and levels of equality and diversity within the local environment.

I work in mixed media including sprays, traditional oils, acrylics, emulsion, and gouache, and some have included natural materials (botanical matter) and cold wax. My processes are constantly evolving through experimentation and some artworks have been created and developed from accidental mark making.

Most of the artworks on display at the exhibition feature a variety of techniques and mainly focus on diverse colour experiences. The sky forest paintings have been inspired from the many nature walks I have taken and momentarily glanced up to enjoy the birdsong and tranquil blue yonder amongst thetrees. A variety of others have included different natural ecosystems such as lakes, oceans, forest land, and terrestrial earth.