Sara Clowes

Sara trained at Cheltenham Art College and moved to L8 in the early 2000’s.

The current style of mixed media collage was developed during the pandemic to capture thoughts, ideas, and memories of a period of time that none of us will forget.

Themes from this latest series of work titled ‘Corona Collages 2020 – TBC ’ are based on films, novels and in a few cases observations about world challenges from the rapid growth of AI seen in ‘Future Shocks’ to ‘Isle of Dogs’ which is based on an animated film by the Director Wes Anderson about a community of dogs quarantined on an island after the outbreak of canine flu.

Look closely and you may find images which helped to bring about the title of each artwork into a single image. For example reflections about the lockdown can be found in the collage ‘Boxed Corona’ which sees local communities confined at home whilst the wildlife in city parks were given the space and time to thrive.

All Collages are made using magazines and old books from charity shops. Paper, scissors, cut and glue then finished with a varnish. 

‘It’s as simple as that and I’d recommend anyone to give Collaging a go for some relaxed evening creative fun!’