Molly Mousdell

Between the years 2018-2022, these pieces show a continuous exploration of Biomorphic shapes. During these past few years, I have had multiple briefs and personal interests. However, I always unintentionally became obsessed with shape and form. Most of my decision making came from a desire to experiment with media, texture, and application to see how this would add or manipulate a form.

Content wise, many of these pieces are inspired by (however not exclusive to) organic forms such as plants, people, found objects like bones, twigs, rocks etc…

Conceptually, I hope to challenge the barrier between the subject and its surroundings by morphing the two – taking people out of their own narratives and placing them in correlation with found objects/landscapes.

“Every animal is more or less a human being, every mineral is more or less a plant, every plant is more or less an animal. There is nothing fixed in nature…” (Welsch, 2020).