Michelle Burrows

I was born and raised in Hampshire, England. In 1989 I came to Liverpool and have lived here ever since ( I only came for a bowl of scouse). It is a city rich in history and culture and is full of diverse, open hearted, humorous people. Indeed many of my photographs reflect my love for the city and its people.

I have been interested in photography and art for a long time. I see the camera as a tool to make visible what is usually the unseen inner experience. The process of taking a picture activates a more subtle awareness, which expresses more of what is felt. For me seeing and finding pictures really helps to restore a sense of balance and meaning, so often lost in our everyday, sometimes chaotic lives.

My photographic journey is a continuing voyage of discovery which allows me best to match what is going on inside with what is happening on the outside. My favourite pictures reflect this together with my particular interest in candid, unobtrusive picture taking which is atmospheric, abstract, and often painterly and dream-like in nature.

I have been taking pictures in and around Liverpool for the past twenty years . I am creating a substantial body of work, recording, culture, events, people and places. Recognisable constants appear throughout the work, together with capturing more transient moments, all bound together by candid snapshots of people living their everyday lives.