Maricarmen Smith

Maricarmen is an intuitive happy artist, mum, shamanic healer, and happy soul.  

Born in Peru to unknown parents, and raised by a wealthy but toxic family in many ways, Maricarmen always loved colouring and painting. She studied hotel management and got married to her English boyfriend and moved to the UK.

When her mother abruptly passed away she decided to pursue art as working in the hotel industry was not making her happy.

She studied illustration in Liverpool John Moore’s University but she missed painting. It took her many years to actually start painting again. When she was pregnant with her first son she picked up the paintbrush again and when her second son was nearly two years old, she decided she must put herself out there for real.

After so many inner healing therapies, Maricarmen discovered plant medicines and since that day her life was better in many ways. Through this healing therapy she released so much pain and anger trapped inside, many childhood wounds healed and limiting beliefs were shifted. From that day she saw a light that told her to only embrace life, joy, and love.

Since then her paintings became more meaningful and expressive of her inner world and the secrets she discovered through plant journeys. Colour is her language to express the joy in life.

She loves using bright vivid colours that scream happiness. She often uses acrylics with mixed media and pretty often she paints with her hands as it is liberating. There is so much energy in her work.

If she is not painting she is dancing, meditating, journaling, doing shamanic healings, playing with her kids, resting in her bed with her cats, going for walks with her family, listening to her higher self and embracing her inner child which has become part of her daily routine of self love. |