Maria ‘Miza’ Tavares

Born in Portugal, Miza’s passion for art grew as she travelled the world, finally settling in Brazil – where she stayed for almost a decade. Captivated by the magical splendour of the country, Miza developed her unique style of painting, learning alongside the locals and taking inspiration from the landscape.

Experimenting with a range of materials, media and techniques, Miza’s unique artwork is inspired by nature. Her current project ‘Elements – Air, Earth, Fire, Water’, is an exploration of the effects of climate change on our landscapes.

Miza is a qualified art teacher and has taught across many locations in the northwest of England, including Tate Liverpool, the Walker Art Gallery, Hugh Baird College and Hub Studios, amongst others.

Miza’s art has been exhibited in many prestigious galleries in England and also in France, Switzerland and Brazil, and her work is held in private collections all over the world.

​‘Painting is my way of living, and I like to break the rules. Through experimenting with materials and techniques, mixing oils and water, the paint takes its own shape on the canvas – reflecting the unpredictability of climate change in the natural world.’