Keith Powell

I have been painting and working with art since I was 8 and always had a pencil or drawing implement in my hand. I attended Stafford CFE where I completed a 2 year foundation and a 3 year drawing and sculpture diploma consecutively. I completed college in 1981 and went into print work as an artist.

Drawing portraits and charactures of people I knew from either life or photographs was an easy way to keep on practising when time and space were limited. I didn’t tackle colour work until well after I was 45. I then went on to using acrylics and began to get commission work, mainly from friends and colleagues, but this became another way of practising and funding the materials needed in order to keep on trying out new ways to work as an artist.

Trying out different methods and styles was always fun, especially with friends willing to let me take the lead. As simple as they seem, getting the right mix of colour and definition, whilst looking as loose as possible took a bit of practice. I have always been on the look out for new techniques to add to my style.

The work here today, is a continuation of constantly learning, looking and pushing. I try to convey the feeling I got when I first saw the scene or composition. Hopefully you will capture this feeling too.