John Minnion

John Minnion has been running Dudlow Drawing Board, a local weekly drawing class, since 2013.

He has been involved in running Liverpool Life Drawing classes for much longer.

John came to life drawing very late, when he was already a well-established illustrator.

He thinks would have been a better illustrator if he had come to life drawing sooner.

“My excuse is that I didn’t go to art college – and even in art colleges, life drawing was very unfashionable in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s.”

Before moving to Liverpool in 2001, he had another life as a newspaper and magazine illustrator. He was political caricaturist at the New Statesman throughout the Thatcher era, and he did long stints of weekly drawings for The Listener, The Guardian, Financial Times, and especially, The Times.

In Liverpool he has written and published several illustrated books, including Pool of Life (the story of Liverpool in caricatures) and Black and White Nocturnes which features pictures in this exhibition.

Having based his career on black and white ink drawings, he turned to watercolour painting in response to the intensity and restrictiveness of the Covid lockdowns.

John also produces ceramic sculptures under the guiding hand of local potter Simon Shaw, and will be exhibiting in the Ceramic Wales potfest in June 2022.