Jennifer R Message

I did these paintings in gouache which is a type of watercolour paint with chalk mixed into it. I have been using gouache paint since 2017 for my artwork. Before that I used acrylic paint and was in Aigburth Art Group which ceased to exist in Dec 2016.

I have been taking an art class with art tutor Gordon Brown (not the politician) since January 2011. I was a part time student at Liverpool Community College in the Arts Centre from 2000 to 2008. My Dad died in 2008 and I took time out to mourn. I went back to the Arts Centre in 2009 to 2010 but the cost got too much for me to afford to go to either the Arts Centre or Liverpool Community College, so I left.

Before that I was at Blue Coat Chambers with the Workers Educational Association doing art with several different teachers including Edith McDermmot. She taught me a lot about art and so did a lot of other teachers. I eventually received an A2 Art grade C which is equivalent to an A level in art grade C. I received an A grade in GCSE art and it was the only GCSE that I received an A grade.