I am a multidisciplinary artist whose practice is made up of photography, illustration, film-making, painting, drawing, music, design, organising exhibitions and workshops. I graduated with a degree in Fine Art from Cardiff in 2002 where I also received The Welsh Assembly Award for Fine Art.

Music is a huge part of my life and I am really passionate about it. It inspires me and I like to have music playing no matter what I am doing. I am massively inspired by photographing gigs and musicians, and singing along to tunes helps me to focus when I am doing other work or editing.

I take documentary, political and music photographs, and make figurative and abstract-realism paintings and drawings. I also create satirical semi-autobiographical illustrations and socio-political artwork that highlights and documents the current political climate under the project name ‘Illustrated Prosody’. Through my artwork, I aim to highlight aspects and small details of everyday life that often go unnoticed.

I believe art can change the world, can educate, and can offer new perspectives. I have been practising for nearly twenty years, displaying artwork in and organising over 100 exhibitions (including being the exhibition organiser for Liverpool’s Threshold Festival and Liverpool Mental Health Festival). I have successfully worked for (and with) hundreds of artists, musicians and venues.

One of my music photographs of CRAWLERS performing at Liverpool Sound City was recently published in The Guardian, and KRS-One licenced one of my photographs of him performing at The Kazimier for use on a poster for some recent album publicity.

Some of my artwork is based around my lived experience and view of the world. I am a queer, mixed heritage woman with mental health issues. I was raised by a single mother who was also an artist and activist, during the eighties in Thatcher’s Britain in South London, when we experienced homelessness. At this same time, my aunties were helping to organise some of the first Pride marches and events in London and I went to many protests and demos. All this still informs and influences my work and my opinions today.

I am currently developing my debut album, which blends folk-punk sounds, biting lyrics and harmonies. A self-taught singer-songwriter, I regularly play gigs in and around Liverpool; I have also performed in Manchester, Cardiff, London, as well as internationally, in Italy and the United States. In 2015, my song was selected for Glastonbury Festival’s Emerging Talent Competition’s Longlist and Clash Magazine selected my song ‘Ten Years’ for its “skillfully executed, folk-derived songwriting”. I have been singing with Sense of Sound Singers since 2005.

I am passionate about life, all things creative and about changing things for the better. I strive to bring out the beauty in whatever I create, whilst trying to make people think. I have lived in various places across England, Wales, Italy, and America, and I have moved over thirty times. Having been around art, design, music and performance all my life, I was encouraged to question everything from an early age. All my close family are creative in some way and as a result, I am dynamic, interested, passionate, and engaged in what I do.

Website – jazamin.co.uk