Faith Garvie

Faith Garvie was born in Bristol, England in 1991 to British parents. She remained in the United Kingdom for only 2 years before moving to Arizona where she grew up and spent nearly 25 years of her life. The Arizona desert is a harsh environment, often lifeless in appearance. However, there is such a wealth of colour to be found if you know where and when to look. Sonoran Desert flowers and sunsets more than make up for an overwhelmingly limited landscape colour palette. Cacti flower only once a year, standing out like beacons upon the desert floor from spring to summer.

From the improbable fuschia flowers of Echinocereus engelmannii (the hedgehog cactus) to the jeweled blooms of the Cylindropuntia (cholla) cactus, desert flowers are truly the most spectacular. The sky also offers a vast array of colour and texture year-round, lending an almost mystical air to the landscape. These paintings encapsulate the essence of the artist’s desert home.