Christopher Haddock

Chris was born and brought up in Shropshire, yet has strong familial roots within Liverpool. He moved to Liverpool a few years ago. The arts were always present around him and it felt a natural fit for his capabilities.

Though he admits he is more of a creative writer and performer then an artist, he had done some online drawings back in the 2000s and early 2010s and is self-taught. But of all art, he is fascinated with animation the most. And his art has some animation influence in aspect.

Whether it is pen to paper or computer art programs, Chris is comfortable using anything he can work with. Being given the chance to create and then exhibit presents Chris with an open chance to relight his passion for creativeness and draw inspiration again on what felt like a long time ago.

These works presented are fusions of coloured and granite pencils against paper. They also take inspiration from Chris’ own interest in Japanese manga art. These are his attempts to emulate that style.

“Meeting Under Fallen Cherry Blossoms” shows a portrait under Japan’s beloved cherry blossoms blooming and falling in Spring. “Blind British Justice Illuminated” is what Chris envisions a real personal problem in national justice, specifically the ignorance of struggle for mental health and any troubled soul who feels ignored by the government. This illumination is what he believes should be brought to light.