Billy Vitch

Billy Vitch is a British photographer who lives in Liverpool. He is of mixed heritage, and identifies as Black Caribbean British.

Growing up between Southport and Liverpool Billy has been heavily involved in Liverpool’s music scene for more that two decades, throughout his 20s mostly as a musician to becoming a photojournalist in his 30s and continuing into his early 40s.

He says his passions in photography are people and architecture, shooting for many local bands and music magazines up until the lockdown of early 2020. Billy then started to shoot more introspectively, doing self portraits during the lockdowns although he believes his photography has always maintained an introspective view of the world.

In his own words he says photography is medicine to him, he believes the world dances if you look at it differently and tries to capture normal things with a view of seeing them from a different perspective and in turn making the norm look magical, I guess everything is magical if you really, really look at it. Billy Vitch is Available for all types of photography work from family to bands and you can contact him for work by asking the curator for his contact details.