“Art is an adventure and I have an adventurous spirit!”

A.J. Rose came to Liverpool in 1971 when he took up the position of Chief Landscape Architect for the City of Liverpool. He still gets great pleasure from driving around Liverpool seeing the mature trees, green open spaces, and playgrounds created during his time in office. He brings to his painting a wealth of experience in technical drawing and design, surveying, and an intimate working knowledge of construction methods and horticulture.

He is a prolific and talented garden designer, winning a Gold Medal and ‘Best in Show’ at the 2019 Southport Flower Show in collaboration with his son. His passion for horticulture now focuses mainly on nurturing and caring for his own extensive botanical garden with almost 2000 plants from all parts of the world.

A.J. Rose is a passionate painter and his inspiration for his vividly imaginative work is very ecclectic. Although his work doesn’t really conform to any particular style, he is deeply influenced by thematic abstractionism and surrealism.”