Smithdown Social Ltd is a community benefit society with the purpose of supporting community creative arts. In September 2018, we established
Smithdown Social Club in Liverpool within an old conservative club on Crawford Avenue in an area rich in creative arts cultural history.

From its inception, Smithdown Social Club provided the area with a much needed creative arts venue where creative artists of all types were
welcome to share their talents with the surrounding community and all of Greater Liverpool. As a community benefit society the aim was to use
creative arts to improve the well-being and creativity of the local community and encourage people to join together under the wide umbrella of creative
arts through our events.

Our founding Directors have lived experience in the creative arts and at its foundation was the desire to provide opportunities for local creative artists.
The venue is also available for hire to the local community and we have indeed supported multiple milestones and became a venue where great memories
were made.

We had to drastically pivot our vision in March 2020 and set our sights on creating a digital platform for community creative arts since we were unable to open
the venue to the public. Our original vision remains the same – community creative arts – and we look forward to sharing all the exciting work we are facilitating in Music, Art, Film and Literature with our local and global communities.