Smithdown Social Ltd is a social enterprise committed to supporting projects that benefit creative artists.

In September 2018, we established Smithdown Social Club in Liverpool within an old conservative club on Crawford Avenue in an area rich in creative arts cultural history. From its inception, Smithdown Social Club provided the area with a much needed creative arts venue which continued until Covid restrictions closed the venue in March 2020.

Our founding Directors have lived experience in the creative arts and at its foundation was the desire to provide opportunities for local creative artists under a profit-for-artist ethos.

We drastically pivoted our vision in March 2020 and set our sights on creating a new high street based cultural venue and digital platform for creative arts. We opened Smithdown Social Arts Hub and Gallery 455 in June 2021.

To date, Gallery 455 has been filled with over 1000 pieces of artwork created by over 90 local artists who reflect the diversity of the local area. During each of the 26 exhibitions, we have celebrated local artists’ work, who were either seasoned or first time exhibiting, and enriched their creative experience through professional exhibition and income opportunities. This has enlivened the confidence and creativity of many local artists.

As one artist said:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed getting involved with Smithdown Social Arts Hub. In the past I just painted for the fun of it, and I never thought that I would sell any of my paintings, but I have, and this has given me a lot of confidence to appreciate myself as an artist.

I lost my husband to Covid 3 years ago and my art has proved to be a wonderful way of helping to maintain a happy quality of life. I would not have been able to do this without the friendship and support of the gallery.” Sandra Winchester.

Keep an eye out for us as we take artists into the WEB3 space with creative projects using blockchain technoloies. As a profit for artist organisation, we seek opportunities for artists to generate income and so naturally we added NFTs to the opportunites we provide and are supporting artists to onboard through legitimate routes. This helps guide artists to avoid the glitches, scams and hype of emerging blockchain technologies and to stay focused on creating!